MEGAPLEX Manager v1.2.2


NOTICE: Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and U.S. boxoffice on hiatus, the game is currently closed.
A short and quick re-open was tested during the June 26-30 period, but the lack of daily box office numbers forced us to remain closed. Keep visiting for more info about a re-opening.

MEGAPLEX MANAGER is a FREE simulation and strategy browser game where you manage the economy of a virtual cinema (movie theater). The gameplay is a mix between Box Office prediction and cinema tycoon.

You get to schedule movies based on hourly showtimes (per-theater averages), purchase screens or refill concession snacks to meet equilibrium in supply and demand. Will you become the next multiplex mogul?

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How to play

You only require few minutes per day! Here is typically how you play the game:

  • You start by scheduling real Hollywood movies on the game's virtual screens
  • You get financial reports (and profits) one to three days later, as the game is based on U.S. Box Office numbers
  • You can get more profits by having concession snacks and drinks, and even arcades!
  • Invest profits to buy more, bigger virtual screens
  • Adjust your audience flow by purchasing genres bonuses or distributors contracts!